We wanted MORE for our children

We opened our doors in October of 2021. Our goal has always been to create an environment where students are recognized as individuals and encouraged to pursue their interests. Academic plans, expectations, and implementation are individually tailored to each student to best propel them forward.

Our days have a consistent flow and rhythm. It is amazing to see our learners jump out of their cars to eagerly begin their day.

Each day begins with playground adventures, and outdoor morning meeting where they choose their work chores on the farm. The word “chores” even loses its negative connotation as our learners turn any task into a challenge, a good time, and sometimes even hard work! They have taken ownership of the farm environment and collaborate with each other to fulfill the days tasks.

Mrs T’s story

I grew up in Manhattan, New York. I went to a small private school and then a small liberal arts college. I had always managed to scrape by academically but had never truly felt the freedom to explore my own academic interests. We were all expected to fit into a box. It took me until well into my adult life to realize that that box isn’t for everyone. My experience as a parent in South Florida was challenging – the schools here hadn’t provided what they promised and I felt that my son deserved better. So after many failed attempts at finding the right solution for our family, we pulled out of traditional school in 2019 and haven’t looked back. We became isolated as a homeschool family. We had to do something different and through the help of our amazing tribe became what you see today. I so look forward to growing this community and I am excited for what the future holds! Welcome.